Hello friends! I hope that you are all doing amazing and enjoying your new store setup. I wanted to take some time and address some concerns that we have been asked about and to let everyone know exactly what Artibus is about, what our goals are, and what that means for our current vendors as well as future vendors.

Recently a very talented artist who makes Contemporary Concrete Creations in the U.K. had a concern about shipping costs to the United States. Which is a great concern considering shipping charges in general continue to increase. As we explained, while we are located in the United States that doesn’t mean that you have to ship your products here. When you decide to open a store on Artibus we leave all decisions such as shipping up to you. It’s your business and you know best how that business should be run. But I can assure you that once you see Gem’s Concrete Gem’s work, shipping costs won’t even matter. You can view their work here ( yeah I get it, I’m pointing you to a “competitors platform” , but good work deserves attention no matter what platform they choose to use!)

Now to the more meaty part of the blog ETSY! First and foremost, no one at Artibus will ever tell you that you should close any other store you may have on a different platform and that includes Etsy. We know that over time you will see the benefits that Artibus has to offer and make that decision for yourself.

With that being said we have recently learned that some our vendors have had a hard time exporting their product images and descriptions from Etsy and importing them to Artibus. The reason for this is because Etsy has decided to make it impossible for you as a vendor to do so. Instead of being able to import YOUR product images and descriptions via a CSV file Etsy has taken YOUR images and descriptions and put them into a spreadsheet format essentially holding YOUR product images and descriptions hostage to ensure that it’s difficult for you to change platforms. Honestly speaking, this one really pisses me off! While I fully understand it from a business stand point I also know that it’s one of the biggest douchebag moves I’ve ever seen!

I want to be crystal clear, Artibus will NEVER treat our vendors in such a manner. Those are your images, your descriptions and you should be able to do with them as you see fit. We constantly hear about how sick people are of the fees associated with Etsy and we fully understand that. That’s why Artibus was created. We started out just like any one of you, we made homemade crafts. We worked online and offline selling products. We get it believe me. But we had had enough. 20 cents to list an item? 5% taken for an item that you sell? Listen, 20 cents and 5% doesn’t sound like much, but it was enough for Etsy to make 63 million last month!! That’s absurd and that’s what everyone at Artibus is sick of. THAT’S YOUR MONEY! There are a lot of people out there in the crafting world who depend on that 20 cents or that 5% each month. We take this very serious and that’s why we refused to go that route. It’s your imagination, Your Hardwork, It’s Your Money isn’t just our motto, it’s our way of life. You as artists and homemade crafters deserve better and you deserve ALL the money from selling one of you products. That simple, no hidden fees or gotcha moments just a dedicated team who will work hard for you and listen to every issue you bring to our attention. I hope this sums up who we are as a company and answers some of the concerns you may have had. We have some big news coming soon so keep an eye out for that. Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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