One of the great things about working with people all over the world is that they all have an amazing story as to how and why they got into making handmade crafts. One of our favorite sellers on Artibus is Susan, the owner of Verde Valley B&B. Since Susan first joined Artibus we have had many conversations, most about her craft and her store, but also some about life in general.

What we quickly learned from Susan is that she has a die hard spirit and that spirit has been passed down to her family who not only support her art but actually help create some of the amazing products that you can find in her store. Below is an interview we did with Susan, take a second and read it. We are sure you’ll be able to relate in some way or the other.

Artibus: So Susan what was it that made you decide to get into the crafting world?

Susan: I enjoy the freedom I have to create what I love doing. My son came to me with the idea that he wanted to design and make jewelry and I wanted to make soaps. So we decided to start our own small business and here we are today.

Artibus: How has crafting impacted your life?

Susan: It has kept me busy….and pushes me to do better. To come up with new ideas and expand my craft.

Artibus: How many crafts do you offer buyer’s?

Susan: Right now 2, Handmade Soaps and handmade jewelry. I am exploring other crafts to add to my shop though.

Artibus: What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of getting into the the handmade crafting world?

Susan: The advice I would offer would be to believe in yourself. Never give up. We all have a talent that we are good at. Why not share your gift with the world? You will never know unless you try. Be the best you can be and if you’ve done that then the sky is the limit!

Artibus: Family is very important to us here at Artibus, how has your family been affected by your drive to make handmade crafts?

Susan: It started out with just me and my son. Then my sister wanted to be apart of it as well as my nephew. So we expanded to a Family Owned & Operated Small Business! It has brought us closer together and we are always bouncing ideas off one another. If we all agree then we move forward. We are a close knit family.

Artibus: What made you choose Artibus to help sell your items?

Susan: I have been on other platforms. What caught my attention with Artibus was we only pay a small fee. We keep 100% of our sales. The Artibus platform is top of the line. We have 24/7 Customer Service, which most other platforms don’t offer. They are also Family Owned. Family is everything, and we are treated as family! I feel very comfortable and at home with Artibus. And I am really enjoying getting my shop filled! To All Crafters Out There. I highly recommend you give Artibus a try. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. They are New, Innovative, Top of the line technology, and you will not be disappointed! So come and join me at Artibus and become a part of the Artibus Family!

We want to thank Susan for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview. It’s because of people like Susan that we do what we do. If you haven’t visited Verde Valley B&B then what are you waiting for? Get over there and check out their amazing products!

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