A few things to keep in mind:

  • Etsy does not export the prices or quantities of variants. If you have variants, their prices will match after importing, and the quantities will be set to 0. You can follow our guide on how to set up Product Variations once you have imported all your products.

  • Digital products imported from Etsy will be listed as physical products. That is not a big problem though – ARTIBUS is build to handle digital products as easily as it handles physical products. To list these items as digital products, just go to edit product and make a quick change.

  • The CSV file also does not include SKUs which will also need to be enter manually.

  • How Images are handled is inconsistent and does not give your image files SEO friendly file names or alt tags

When exporting from Etsy, Etsy only downloads your Name, Description, Price, currency code, Quantity, Tags, Materials, and some Image URLs.

Step 1: Export your Etsy products

1/ Visit Etsy.com and log into your account to get started.

2/ Click Shop Manager in the top-right corner.

3/ Once your in the Shop Manager dashboard, select Settings and then Options in the menu on the left of the screen.

3/ Click the Download Data tab and then click Download CSV.

STEP 2: Import your Etsy CSV file into Artibus

1. Go to your vendor dashboard and click products

2.Click import products at the top right corner


3.Choose CSV file Exported from Etsy


4. If updating existing products on Artibus make sure to select update existing products


5.This is the MOST important step if you do not put the right mapping field it will not download make sure to have all of your mapping the same as you see in this short video. There will also be a list of the order it should go in.

  1. Name

  2. Description

  3. Regular Price

  4. Do Not Import

  5. Stock

  6. Tags

  7. Do Not Import

  8 Thru 17 should only be listed as IMAGES and ONLY if there is Url there if not it is to be Do Not Import

     18 to the end is all Do Not Import

Make sure to watch the Mapping list Below this to see what and how you mapping should look like

(Mapping list)Video click here

Step 3

Run import once your finished you will have to go in and select any other categories you would like your product to be in as well as variations and some pictures as said before Etsy holds them.

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