Letting our imagination run wild .

Letting our imagination run wild .

We were luck to save several trees a few years back. After milling them, letting them dry. We finally set out to see what they may become. Well, I believe this piece wants to be someone’s cutting board. Amazing things happen when you allow the wood to decide what it wants to be. Don’t fight it, just go with the flow…. ( yes, my husband says “Honey, not everyone understands you, when you say we let the “wood” tell us what it wants to be.” 

I am just a very colorful speaking person- so let the tree speak. “Dear, tree what would you like to become? ” LOL 


Hi ya'll , I am Marie and the owner of Graydon Creek. Here at Graydon Creek we offer uncommon items. We want folks to know that when they buy from us, they are receiving quality workmanship. All our items are custom made. We offer the quality of work, that you would see from craftsmenship from days gone by. Each of our products are built one at a time. Here at Graydon Creek we save trees. We find trees that are about to be disposed of. We go collect the tree, bring it back to shop and mill it. Then we let the wood dry, and from there each piece will be something different. Each piece does have it's very own story. From where the trees was at to how it became your custom product. Thank you for giving Graydon Creek the chance to share our products with you. Remember, we only do custom orders. So you are the creator of your piece. You dream it, we build it.  

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