Who we are

Who we are

Graydon Creek is a shop, that brings old styles back. Our pieces are designed to give you a taste of what your grandparents might have had. We realized that between the both of us, we had a little bit of talent. So why not share it with everyone else. Graydon is the head craftsman here. He has been teaching me for several years how to make different items. We work together to make only the best products. We work with each client one on one to create their dream item.

We re-purpose tress that will be destroyed. We go find the trees, bring them to the shop, mill them, allow them to dry, then when we receive that custom order we begin the art of creating. Each piece made here at Graydon Creek carries it’s very our story. From how the tree was saved to how your special piece was finished. 

We take proud in every piece. You can trust that when you order from Graydon Creek, you will have one of a kind piece. We allow the beauty of the wood to show in every piece made here.

If you dream it, we will build it.

So go ahead tell us what you would love to have created just for you. Get your custom piece today.


Hi ya'll , I am Marie and the owner of Graydon Creek. Here at Graydon Creek we offer uncommon items. We want folks to know that when they buy from us, they are receiving quality workmanship. All our items are custom made. We offer the quality of work, that you would see from craftsmenship from days gone by. Each of our products are built one at a time. Here at Graydon Creek we save trees. We find trees that are about to be disposed of. We go collect the tree, bring it back to shop and mill it. Then we let the wood dry, and from there each piece will be something different. Each piece does have it's very own story. From where the trees was at to how it became your custom product. Thank you for giving Graydon Creek the chance to share our products with you. Remember, we only do custom orders. So you are the creator of your piece. You dream it, we build it.  

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